WORKSHOP 2: Metasploit – From zero to Hero

Tuesday, April 7th 2020, 9.00-17.00, Ljubljana


Information and information system security is one of the most important topics today. In the era of more frequent and always different attacks, malware, ransomware, it's increasingly difficult to find the right way to defend. In order to determine the techniques and technologies needed for defending the organization, you need to know what is attacking you and how it attacks you. What hackers use, how they think and how they come to us are just some of the questions that are constantly being asked and the answer is difficult to find.

This training introduces you to the Metasploit framework and shows how to use it from the bare beginning to small exploit development. We will show how easy is to exploit and do postexploitation fun.

The training will go through a lot of tools and technics that can be used to hack, explore or defend.

Training is an instructor lead. In last hour you will be able to test your skills in a hands-on lab.


  1. Introduction to metasploit, msf console, msfcli, exploits, payloads…
  2. Information gathering
  • Password sniffing
  • Port scanning
  • Service hunting
  • Windows patch review
  1. Vulnerability scanning
  2. Auxiliary modules/scanners
  3. Fuzzers
  4. Client-Side Attacks
  • Attack with only payloads
  • Trojans
  • Client-side and Macro
  1. Post Exploitations
  • Privileged escalation
  • Hash dathering
  • Messing with registry
  • Meterpreter
  1. Maintaining Access with meterpreter
  • Backdoor with mimiketz or putty
  1. Faking and steeling
  • SET
  • Karmetasploit
  1. Armitage


Price: 297 € + VAT



Aleksandar Mirković, e-Sigurnost
Aleksandar Mirković is an Information Security professional with more than seven years on a leading (CISO) positions in financial and retail institutions. He is founder of eSigurnost Association that gather a lot of security professionals from the region. Also, he is a board member of ITVestak Association, largest digital forensics and court expert witnesses in the region. Aleksandar is teaching security in the past few years, from hands-on trainings, such as CEH to Management trainings such as CISSP, Security +, and working as an Information Security consultant and penetration tester.



For further information please contact: 

Kristina Velišček
+386 5 338 48 51


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